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Transforming Business

Global developments are impacting local/national businesses, in terms of scale, efficiency and costs. Necessitating process change, technology update and reskilling of people, to imbibe this unexpected transition. Turnaround adopts a 3R (Revive-Refine-Refresh)  engagement model, which enables a smooth transition to transform your business, irrespective of the stage of the business cycle.

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The Revive program embeds best business turnaround practices and aims to help under-performing businesses to reinvent themselves in their operating markets, to boost sales and accelerate revenues.

For Whom: Businesses experiencing operational inefficiency, increasing bad debts, shortage of working capital, decline in revenues, people attrition and equipment obsolescence.

  1. Scope and Earmark areas for improvement
  2. Conduct SWOT Analysis using proprietary tools and techniques
  3. Evolve revival strategy for organisational change and enhance competitiveness
  4. Set priority and revival calendar with tracking mechanism
  5. Inject working capital to provide impetus to business recovery

The Refine program enables growing organisations to enhance their competitiveness by leveraging internal strengths and utilising external factors to meet achievable business results.

For Whom: Businesses experiencing stagnancy, reducing market share, declining profits, unable to scale or entering new markets or geography.

  1. Benchmark company performance using proprietary tools and industry standards
  2. Devise long-term sustainable growth strategy
  3. Chalk out plans to optimise costs, and maximise capacity utilization
  4. Re-align product mix and enhance profitability
  5. Invest capital to fund expansion, enter new business areas or increase exports

The Refresh program enables expanding and leading organisations to innovate, enhance competitiveness and step-up morale of their workforce. This way the business can consolidate its lead, adopt latest technologies, infuse proven business practices to scale and grow rapidly.

For Whom: Businesses which are steady or growing organically – profits, markets and customers and looking to consolidate their market position.

  1. Determine areas for effecting substantial enhancements
  2. Enable market differentiation and capitalize on niche opportunities
  3. Inspire innovation through innovation labs and COEs
  4. Catalyse adoption of best available technology
  5. Guide entry into new and global markets